Imperial Line Officers: Appointed

Imperial Red Eyed Gnawer - Jeff Carson IR-98 (IREG)

A/IREG - Fredrick 'Fred' Powers, Jr.    IR-94


Imperial Bench Rat - Charlie Pettigrew IR-97

A/IBeR Doug Hart/Karen Majerczak

Imperial Cure Rat (IRC) Aaron Cunningham

Imperial Nightingale (ING)
Leigh Polzin 


Imperial Hole-y Rodent (IHR) Terry Kidd 

Imperial Wharf Rat (IWR) Keith Fredicksen 


Imperial Rendezvous Rat (IRR) Eric Kurtz

Imperial Relief Rat Leonard Long

Imperial Historic Rodent (IHR) Frank Orbin

Imperial Keeper of the Cheese (IKC) Kevin Dasing